Pyrex Centurion 21CM Carving Fork-1142774

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Item Code: 1142774

Size: 21cm

Weight: 100g


Pyrex, Centurion, Centurion Forged, Pyrex Carving Fork, Carving Fork, 21cm, Meat Fork, Full Metal Tang, Triple Rivet, Stainless Steel, Fork, Kitchenware

Offering convenience, the Pyrex® Centurion Carving Fork is ideal for handling meat, poultry and fish during cooking and securely keeping it in place when carving.  

Ideal for handling meat during cooking and securely keeping in place when carving

High carbon stainless steel creates stronger, harder tines resisting stains, rust and pitting

Triple riveted handle secures the blade and adds stability 

Full metal tang provides added strength, balance and control

Handy blade cover included for safe and simple home storage

Blade measures 21cm

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