CLEARANCE Pyrex Littles 3 Piece Value Pack-1138928

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Item code: 1138928

Volumes: 2 x 532mL Square + 709mL Rectangle

Weight: 1.5kg



Pyrex Littles™ Glass Baking Dish Trio

Specifically designed for countertop ovens, these smaller sized Pyrex glass dishes are perfectly sized to bake everything from individual side dishes to your favourite one dish meal. The tempered Pyrex® glass can go directly into any preheated oven (countertop or standard size), and it heats evenly for consistent results. The clear sides let you keep an eye on the finish, so you’ll get perfect results.


Set includes:

2 x 532ml Littles Square Glass Baking Dishes

1 x 709ml Littles Square Glass Baking Dish


Designed for countertop ovens, including toaster and convection ovens

Made from durable high quality tempered glass for even heating

Dish resists stains and does not absorb food odours or flavours

Dishwasher, freezer, microwave and preheated oven safe (including countertop ovens)

Made in Turkey

Comes with a 2 year limited warranty


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