Corelle Stoneware 26.5cm Dinner Plate-Nordic Blue-1143264

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Item code: 1143264

Size: 26.5cm

Colour: Nordic Blue

Weight: 810g

Introducing Corelle Handcrafted Stoneware – versatile ceramic glazed & reactive dinnerware designed in wider, deeper shapes and versatile designs to plate more of the foods we’re eating today.

Higher rims than traditional flat plates to deliver the best of a plate and bowl in one.

Non-porous and doesn’t absorb food odors, flavors, or stains.

Microwave & dishwasher safe

What is Stoneware made of?
It is made of natural stoneware and is non porous against food odours and stains

How do I care for my Stoneware?
You can use your stoneware to serve, reheat or store food. Wash before first use. It can be placed in the dishwasher, but do not use anything abrasive or sharp when cleaning.

Can I place in the Oven to re-heat or keep food warm?
Stoneware cannot be placed in the oven and may result in cracking, but can be placed in the microwave to reheat food.

Can Stoneware Chip and Crack?
Stoneware is strong durable dinnerware, however can chip and crack if it is bumped/dropped on hard surfaces such as tiles and stone benchtops.

Why are some pieces reactive glaze, and some solid glaze?
Some items as reactive glaze, some are solid. In line with today’s modem styling, Corelle stoneware comes in a mix and match styling that compliments various trends. It also complements mixing and matching between different colours in the range.

What is the warranty for Corelle Stoneware?
Corelle Stoneware comes with a 1 year limited warranty

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