Pyrex Classic Round Glass Covered Casserole 1.4L-1030222

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Item code: 1030222

Suitable for 1-2 persons

Dimensions: 22cm x 18cm x 10cm

Weight: 1kg

Volume: 1.4L

Experienced cook or not, cooking should happen smoothly. The right tools are needed for each recipe to get the best results.

With its anti-slip handles, you can safely move the dish from the counter to your oven. For those people who love meat and melting soft vegetables, the Pyrex Classic range provides a wide selection of oven-safe dishes in all shapes and sizes!

Borosilicate glass; Made in France

Minimum temperature -40°C

Thermal shock resistant

Save time by preparing your meals in advance

Can be used in the freezer, fridge, oven and microwave

Easy-clean and hygienic material

Dishwasher safe


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