CLEARANCE Pyrex Platinum Hexagonal Small Cooling Rack-1137581

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Item code: 1137581

Size: 40.5cm x 28cm

Weight: 550g

Pyrex Platinum Hexagonal Small Rack (1137581) designed to perfectly complement the contemporary Australian home, these unique cooling racks deliver premium functionality and ultimate chic. This product features an advanced silicone based non-stick coating and is safe for use with metal spatulas (as well as nylon, rubber and wooden utensils).

Safe use with nylon, rubber and wooden utensils

DO NOT use on rangetops, in microwaves or allow direct contact with flame

DO NOT use knives, forks, serrated blades, steel wool, abrasive pads or cleansers

It is safe to use non-stick cooking sprays to aid release of baked goods, however, you may notice slight discolouration from the sprays; this will not affect your good's performance

5 year limited warranty 

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